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  We have meetings all year round in which the Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec is read, studied and discussed as a tool for self-realisation and self-improvement.


  Thereafter, a short talk is given by a member of the group or by an invited speaker on various Spiritist subjects.


  This is then followed by a short talk on a theme from the Gospel according to Spiritism, highlighting the relevance of Jesus’ teachings in our daily lives. This serves as a preparation for the spiritual healing that follows.


Spiritual Studies, Talks, Spiritual Guidance and Healing


We have talks on Spiritism and also study Spiritist teachings. This provides a non-judgmental framework to aid and support an individual’s search for meaning in life, reasons for suffering, help find solutions for the problems they are facing and providing support by means of spiritual guidance, healing and prayer.

OPENING TIMES: Thursdays 6.45pm – 8.30pm


Young children

Young Children

While parents or those who have children in their care are studying in one of the groups, their children can have fun with other little ones ranging in age from 3 to 9 years old. This group is supervised by experienced facilitators who introduce the children to the teachings of Jesus in a light hearted and loving environment by expressing their creativity through song, storytelling, plays, painting, artwork etc. One example is a play about Saul’s transformation into Paul through his meeting Jesus.



Every month, we publish an article about current issues looked at from a Spiritist perspective to encourage people to understand that everything happens in the world for a reason... 

Charitable work

Charitable Work

Every year, the Solidarity Spiritist Society group, works hard to fulfill our mission to our members and to society. Our core mission is to offer support in a variety of ways to those who come to the centre each week seeking help. We offer spiritual guidance to those who may be suffering with physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual issues. 

Soup Kitchen

 In your benefit


"Help those who make mistakes;

your feet walk on the same ground,

and even if you possess the possibility


to correct them,

you have no right to censure them."

Chico Xavier, Christian Agenda





Understand spiritism



In the 19th century, the phenomenon of turning tables shook Europe. Elegant salons would hold soirees and turning tables became the subject of much curiosity because they moved, rose in the air and even 'responded' to questions by tapping the floor (typtology). The phenomenon caught the attention of a serious researcher, a famous follower of Johann Pestalozzi named Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail...


Solidarity Spiritist Society

Quakers Meeting House,
59, Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PT

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Quakers Meeting House | 59, Wandsworth High Street | London | SW18 2PT | England

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How to Become a Member

The Solidarity Spiritist Society is a religious organization that offers a unique and meaningful way to connect with Spiritism teachings. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for our members to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Spiritism philosophy.
Our members have access to crucial decisions we make in our house, helping us run our meetings through a monthly contribution to support spreading Spiritism teachings to those looking for it.

We invite you to join us and be part of a larger family connected by faith.

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