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Partner Organizations


  The Solidarity Spiritist Society contributes to projects with organizations that are based in the UK and other countries.


  Upper room: Every week we collect items of personal hygiene that we send to a charity called the Upper Room. This organization helps around 100 homeless people every day; distributing food, clothing and items of personal hygiene. If you would like to contribute, please visit us on Thursdays bringing your donation which we will pass on to them with much love. For more information visit The Upper Room.


  Operation Christmas Child: This is another important activity that the Solidarity is strongly committed to, organized by Samaritans Purse International UK relief. This work aims to transform a humble shoebox into real toy packages filled with love and joy for disadvantaged children. These packages are then sent to children in parts of the world where many children have never received a Christmas present.


  Last Christmas, Solidarity was responsible for the preparation of more than 1,100 of these "little boxes" as we affectionately call them and we believe we are taking a bit of love and friendship to others with far less than we have.



  Fraternity Without Borders: This charity transcends religious, ethnic and religious boundaries to work with AIDS orphans in Mozambique. They provide for a variety of their needs such as food, housing, healthcare and education.


Partner Organizations
Partners organizations
Partner organizations
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