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Spiritist media

  There are numerous channels by which one can access more information on Spiritism as outlined below:

  Spiritist videos: 

  Series of informative videos on Spiritist subjects.

  Spiritist books:

  Free: Available to download by Allan Kardec, Gabriel Delanne, Leon Denis and Herculano Pires. The Solidarity Spiritist Society has a bookshop where books can be purchased in English and Portuguese, plus we have a free lending library.


  All of Kardec's works are available to read on Kardecpedia

  Leon Denis - Here and HereafterThe Mystery of Joan of ArcLife and Destiny 

  BUSS Book shop near Bethnal Green also stocks a good collection of Spiritist books in English.

  Spiritist Radio:

  Excellent programming dedicated to spiritual topics from a Spiritist view with many well-known academic and health professionals conducting research in the area of spirituality and health.

  Spiritist Movies: 

  The Mothers of Chico

  Moving depiction of the impact that Chico Xavier’s work had on comforting many of mothers and families by communications received from the spiritual dimension.

  Astral City (Trailer)

  Introduction to life in the spiritual dimension via the autobiography of Andre Luiz.

  Clip from Astral City

  Brief clip from Astral City showing life in the spiritual dimension.

  And Life Goes On

  The film is based on the Spiritist best-seller, "And Life Goes On", written in 1968 by the spirit André Luiz, psychographed by Chico Xavier.

  British Union of Spiritist Societies

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