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Spiritist Books


Allan Kardec

  All of Kardec’s books are available on the Solidarity Spiritist Society’s website for free.


  The Spirits’ Book

  This is the first book of the Spiritist Teachings, published in 1857. It is a series of 1019 questions and answers compiled by Allan Kardec, a French pedagogue and educator, featuring answers given to him by spiritual instructors. This work, builds on of the teachings started by Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago. Among the many subjects explored in depth include God, humanity, the origin of the universe, reincarnation, spiritual evolution, universal laws, the law of progress, ethics, and the future of humanity.


  The Mediums’ Book

  This is the second book of the Spiritist Teachings, first published in 1861. It includes a detailed classification of paranormal phenomena, particularly spirit communications, and a thorough description of the mechanisms involved. The book also contains serious warnings against unguided use of mediumship, especially when driven by curiosity and/or frivolousness. This book helps to understand why mediumship is a powerful ability, but also a serious responsibility.


  The Gospel According to Spiritism

  This is the third book of the Spiritist Teachings, published in 1864. In this book the true meaning of many of the most well-known verses of the Gospel is explained. Each chapter shows how Spiritism builds on the pure teachings of Jesus, with key concepts such as reincarnation and its implications explored. The parables are demystified, making the essence of Jesus’ teachings clearer for a modern day student of the Gospel. It expands on his beautiful teachings to help gain a deeper understanding of how to put these into practice. The book also explores the much earlier teachings of the Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato and how they laid the foundation of theories that Jesus would clarify centuries later.


  Heaven And Hell

  This is the fourth book of the Spiritist Teachings, first published in 1865. Following the explanations of mediumship, the universal laws, and the teachings of Christ, explained in the three previous books, Allan Kardec now enlightens us with an in-depth view of Divine Justice seen from a Spiritist perspective. It includes a comparative analysis of different views of heaven, purgatory and hell. As well as of angels and demons, and future punishment and rewards. The dogma of eternal punishment is especially discussed and refuted. It includes compelling case studies from numerous communications with discarnate spirits at different stages of their evolutionary journey. These range from more evolved spirits who are happy in the spirit world to less advanced ones who suffer the consequences of their actions.



  A previous edition of this book is also available in digital format as a PDF file from the Spiritist Alliance for Books (SAB) (PDF).

  This is the last of the five books of the Spiritist Teachings, published in 1868. It provides a scientific perspective on the Spiritist Teachings whose foundations are evenly built on religion, philosophy, and science. Allan Kardec divides the book into three main parts: the first explains the Spiritist views on Creation and related dogmas as it explores in great detail such subjects as God, the idea of good and evil, human evolution, cosmology (uranography), and the earth sciences as understood in 1868. The second part deals with miracles, and the book presents more rational and scientific explanations for these phenomena. In essence it presents how Spiritism is consistent with scientific views of evolution and that one need not have to choose between religion or science. It presents teachings that are more expanded, and one can see how these spiritual teachings are consistent with scientific understanding.


  Spiritism in its Simplest Expression

  In his attempt to popularize Spiritism and make it easier and quicker to disseminate, Allan Kardec wrote a number of booklets and distributed them throughout France at prices that were affordable to anyone who might be interested. They continued to be republished even after his discarnation. This is one of those booklets.


  What is Spiritism?

  A work that is still up-to-date, What is Spiritism? is useful for adherents of Spiritism as well as for those who want to understand the nature of the Spiritist Teachings                                             and its fundamental points. Allan Kardec’s impeccable logic and rationale are patent in this book as he confounds detractors of Spiritism with his answers to the questions of those who believe in and aspire to a superior life. The book is divided into three chapters. The first is composed of separate dialogues between Allan Kardec and a critic, a skeptic, and a priest. The dialogues provide answers to those who do not yet understand the basic principles of Spiritism and it is a formidable introduction to Spiritism. In addition, it also presents appropriate refutations to the opponents of Spiritism. The second chapter presents practical and experimental aspects of the science of Spiritsm and is a very concise summary of The Mediums’ Book, the second book of the Spiritist Codification. The third chapter is a short synthesis of The Spirits’ Book, with solutions to psychological, moral, and philosophical problems as they are analysed and interpreted according to Spiritism.  


  The Spiritist Review

  The Spiritist Review (from the original French edition La Revue Spirite) was written and published by Allan Kardec from January 1858 to April 1869. In total, there were 136 monthly issues of The Review featuring an analysis and account of spirit communications received by mediums from all over the world. The Spiritist Review shows the evolution of Kardec’s thought during the construction of Spiritism. The Spiritist Review is indispensable to all those who wish to have a more in-depth understanding of Spiritism.


  Books Channelled through the Mediumship of Chico Xavier

  Authored by André Luiz, who was a physician and researcher who lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the beginning of the XXth century. After his discarnation, he spent over eight years in the lower zones, being finally rescued by Clarênce, an assistant from "Nosso Lar", one of the spiritual colonies neighbouring Earth. His experiences and struggles to better himself come down to us through the psychography of Francisco Xavier and are beautifully narrated in the books that comprise the André Luiz Collection or "Life in the Spiritual World."


  Nosso Lar

  Nosso Lar, Portuguese for "Our Home," is the name of the spiritual colony that the spirit André Luiz introduces to us in the first book of his acclaimed series, "Life in the Spiritual World." The book, is a compelling narrative wherein the author tells us of his impressions and discoveries about life in the spiritual world as he acts as a sort of journalist, who records his own experiences as they occur. André Luiz unveils an exciting world, where discarnate spirits go through a recovery stage and a spiritual educational process supervised by high-order spirits. Nosso Lar enables us to get a glimpse of the spirit world that awaits us after we leave our physical bodies.


  The Messengers

  This book describes the experiences of a number of spirits who reincarnated with pre-planned endeavours needed for their personal spiritual growth. The spiritual author focuses on the opportunities of service for mediums, warning them about the need to practice what they learn in order to avoid returning to the spiritual world without having fulfilled the spiritual duties they assumed before reincarnating.


  Missionaries of the Light

  André Luiz unveils the secrets of reincarnation and the task of missionary spirits in charge of the process of rebirth. The spiritual author affirms that physical death is not the end. He also stresses the importance of effort in the struggle for self-improvement. André Luiz talks about his continued learning experience in the spiritual world, the perispirit as a living body that moulds the cells that compose the physical body, the reincarnation process, which is guided by high-order spirits and the different aspects of mediumistic manifestations.


  Workers of the Life Eternal

  Five people, who have devoted their entire lives to the practice of doing good, are at the end of their physical lives. Due to their merit, they are entitled to the help of a spiritual rescue team. The spiritual author André Luiz, tells about his experience as a member of the team. This is an enthralling narrative that reveals details of the tasks performed by spirits at the moment of the death of the physical body.

  In the Greater World

  André Luiz focuses on aspects of life in the spirit world and the communication between discarnates and incarnates, especially during the sleep of the physical body.
The spiritual author explains the causes of mental disturbances and presents their respective spiritual treatments. In the form of a novel, he also analyses topics such as abortion, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and Down’s syndrome. He highlights the rescue given by the invisible spiritual workers to those who need help in order to avoid, as much as possible, madness, suicide, and extreme moral disasters.



  André Luiz emphasizes the work of high order spirits in the effort to convert the spirit Gregorio to Goodness, an effort that culminates in the unforgettable reencounter with his mother – herself a highly evolved spirit – where he surrenders to the irresistible call of Love. The spirit author tells of the intercession of high order spirits on behalf of human beings, demonstrating the divine compassion that grants to all the blessed opportunity to free themselves by means of study, work and persevering service to others.


  Between Heaven and Earth

  André Luiz tells the moving story of Amaro, Zulmira, Odila, and other characters, recounting the events of their previous lives from the time of Brazil’s War with Paraguay (1864-1870) until the days of old Rio de Janeiro (early 1900s). In its preface, Emmanuel assures us that "The basic pictures of the narrative are intimately familiar to us," such as family dysfunctionality, the torment of jealousy, and the daily struggle for moral progress.


  In the Domain of Mediumship

  André Luiz analyses the various aspects of mediumship, emphasizing the efforts of mediums who are faithful to the spiritual mandate received prior to their reincarnation. He also warns of the risks involved in poor exchanges between the two worlds. It talks about trance, somnambulism, possession, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, fascination, psychometry, and the mediumship of physical effects, among others. It is a technical study of great relevance that discloses the ways in which Spirits act during intricate processes of communication with incarnate beings. It is indispensable to those who are dedicated to the study of mediumship.


Action and Reaction

  In this volume you will find a description of the lower regions of the spiritual realm and the suffering to which the guilty conscience is subjected after the death of the physical body.
André Luiz presents studies of real-life cases and offers guidance regarding paying off one’s spiritual debts, the law of cause and effect, preparations for reincarnation, collective expiations, and the value of prayer. The spiritual author shows us that the possibilities of our current existence are connected to our actions in past existences, just as our actions of today will condition our possibilities in the future.


  Sex and Destiny

  This is a compelling novel based on real characters whose lives are intertwined across the centuries with strong lessons on how the choices we make can impact on our current and future lifetimes. It details how within a family even a most terrible crime can be redeemed with lessons learned that will ensure the same mistake is never made again. Each spirit suffering or enjoying the consequences of previous actions.


  And Life Goes On

  This book is a description of the spirit after the death of the physical body and demonstrates that our mental state directly impacts on our existence in the spiritual world.
The book tells the story of real characters, who receive the help of spiritual friends upon discarnation. Those friends encourage them to renew themselves spiritually through study and work, therefore enabling them to pursue a more constructive course of behaviour for their future.
  It teaches us to examine our lives continually, knowing that, according to the laws of God, life does in fact go on, full of hope, effort, progress, and accomplishments after death.



  This book is an important synthesis of the effort to aid those suffering from obsessive processes. It explains the circumstances that are indispensable for the setting up and maintenance of Spiritist groups, which are devoted to the liberation and healing task of disobsession.

  André Luiz’ purpose in writing this book was to recruit new groups of workers of goodness, whose intent is to aid in the readjustment of those no longer in the physical plane and who have become distanced from reality. Psychopathology awaits the loving service of doctors who use techniques such as balanced dialogue in the practice of psychoanalysis, so it is that mental alienation of the discarnate beings demands the fraternal assistance of friendly hearts with enough understanding and an abundance of love to help them at Spiritist centers.


  EMMANUEL (Chico Xavier)

  Two Thousand Years Ago

  Overview: Emmanuel, the spirit author of this amazing book, describes one of his reincarnations into a place of power, passion and conspiracy. It was the period when he lived as Publius Lentulus – a powerful senator of the Roman Empire – in Palestine during the time of Christ. He describes his meeting with Jesus and the healing of his daughter. The book focuses on important episodes of the history of Christianity during the 1st. century. There are unforgettable moments, such as the deaths of the first Christian martyrs.


  Fifty Years Later

  In this novel, some characters of the novel Two Thousand Years Ago return to their earthly journey in the second century as a result of the law of cause and effect. One of the central characters of that book, the Senator Publius Lentulus, appears in this sequel reincarnated as Nestorius, a slave. In his return to Earth, this slave embraces a more humble stance, and God’s mercy allows him to redeem his excesses of the past.
However, this book’s main character is, in fact, a woman named Célia, whose sublime heroism was a beacon on the path of several disheartened and suffering spirits. Emmanuel describes Celia, who understood and lived Jesus’ teachings throughout her pain-filled existence.


  Hail, Christ!

  The partnership between the medium Franciso Cândido Xavier and the spirit Emmanuel brings the story of Quintus Varrus and Tacianus, two souls connected by many reincarnations. They meet each other once again in the third century of Christianity in a region controlled by the Roman Empire. As an example of simplicity, trust, and love, the pioneers of the Good News devoted themselves to serving Christ, having as their sustenance only their powerful and unshakable faith.


  Heart and Soul

  At this time when many have their peace disturbed and countless households are struggling and dissolving, aggravating the sufferings of humanity, the world is more than ever in need of solace. Our lives need a light that springs from the heart and soul, not more input from the cold and cloudy brain. The lines from this book have flown from the pen of someone who has devoted his entire life to ease the moral and physical pain of others, through an active practice of goodness.


  Living Spring

  This book is part of an outstanding collection that includes Our Daily BreadThe Way, the Truth, and the LifeLiving Spring, and Vineyard of Light. The collection was written by the spirit Emmanuel , who seeks to guide Spiritists in the practice of Christian principles. Thus leading them to find in the teachings of Jesus their inner transformation, which cannot be postponed. In the book’s 180 chapters, the author brilliantly comments on several verses from the New Testament.



  This book explains that money is actually a neutral tool and that it is our stewardship that grants it a constructive outcome. It is a collection of thoughts on the importance of money in our lives. Emmanuel brilliantly shows us that it is our free will that ultimately determines the consequences of what money can do for ourselves and for society in general. Whether used to create jobs and employment, which ultimately gives human beings the ability to provide for themselves, or to improve social and intellectual development. Money has a remarkable similarity to blood: it is only useful when in circulation and it is vital for the progress of our society. To understand its importance is first and foremost to learn how it can be employed to generate progress for all, thereby being able to transform earthly coins into heavenly ones.


  On the Way to the Light

  Those who are trying to understand our world and its origins will find answers in this book.
He analyses the missions of spirits such as Krishna, Buddha, Plato, Mohammed, the Hebrew Prophets, the Apostles, Paul of Tarsus, St. Francis of Assisi, Luther, and Allan Kardec. The book narrates the history of civilization from the perspective of Spiritism, showing the real position of the Gospel of Christ in the light of Earth’s religions and philosophies. It describes the first inhabitants of Earth, touching on the history of peoples, great empires, and the changes that have followed one another in the direction of the future. Emmanuel shows us that through divine determinism we are all on our way to the light!


  Our Daily Bread

  Presently, the stress of everyday life is so compelling that it usually diverts us from the urgent responsibilities we should fulfil for our spiritual improvement. The stress caused by our duties and the unavoidable appeal of the pleasures of material life attempts to keep us from approaching the real values that will move us towards spiritual progress. The spirit Emmanuel humbly offers us his help through the messages that we all need in order to move onward with our evolutionary spiritual journey. The wide range of messages covers a variety of situations that we all face in our everyday lives, and Emmanuel’s counselling is opportune and clear.


  Paul and Stephen

  It is the most famous and longest novel in Spiritist literature. The spirit Emmanuel, through the mediumship of Chico Xavier, describes one of the most emblematic moments of early Christianity: the story of Paul of Tarsus, better known as Saint Paul. The richness of the narrative takes the reader to the Galilee of twenty centuries ago, revealing the spiritual events behind the expansion of Christianity. It offers new information on Paul’s conversion at the gates of Damascus, his escape to the desert and his travels. The book talks about the relationship between Paul and Stephen, the first martyr of Christianity.



  In what constellation might Alcyone, the soul of his soul and life of his life, live?
The sweet Alcyone asks to return to the Earth to accompany the great love of her past, Charles, in a new lifetime of trials, sacrifices, and reparations. In an example of profound devotion to others, she demonstrates her complete loyalty to assist the one for whom she has interceded so much on the spirit plane. In this gripping historical novel, the spirit Emmanuel takes us back to the frivolous Paris of the 17th century, a city replete with violent sentiments and materialistic illusions that conflict with the eternal truths of the soul. By means of the psychography of Francisco Cândido Xavier, the spiritual author’s collaborator, we are introduced to another one of Emmanuel’s incarnations, this time as Father Damiano, vicar of St. Vincent’s Church in Avila, Spain, and a contemporary of the couple.


  Thought and Life

  What part do thoughts play in our lives? The spiritual writer Emmanuel explains how thoughts act powerfully in shaping our lives: "Today, we are heirs of the positive reflexes from our past experiences, having the means to change their direction towards true happiness." Emmanuel goes on to explain with simplicity, through clear and intelligent ideas together with comparisons based on everyday life, the effects that thought creates in the intimacy of each one, including the environment in which a person may live. He further explains the connection between emotion and thought, showing that human beings have the capacity to supervise and control them in order to progress.


  The Way, the Truth, and the Life

  This book is part of an outstanding collection that includes Our Daily BreadLiving Fountain, and Vineyard of Light. The collection was dictated by the spirit Emmanuel with the intent of guiding Spiritists towards the practice of Christian principles and of leading them to find inner transformation in the teachings of Jesus, a goal that cannot be postponed. "The Way, the Truth and the Life" is nourishment for the spirit, strengthening it towards the daily struggles.


  Joanna de Ângelis (Divaldo Franco)


  Adolescence and Life

  Parents and educators have an imminent commitment to guide the moral conduct of the new generations in order to prevent the downfall of our culture and civilization, which are at their most sombre period in history. With this in mind, the spirit Joanna de Ângelis, by means of the medium Divaldo Pereira Franco, presents several topics related to adolescence in the hope of providing a contribution to the question that is challenging all of us, and parents in particular, as to how we should guide our adolescents.


  Existential Conflicts

  In her unique style, the noble spirit Joanna de Ângelis summarizes “…several disturbing behaviours which present themselves as tests of resistance for the human individual.” This is explored from the perspective of psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychiatry, but under the prism of Spiritism. Fear, anger, laziness, jealousy, violence, love, death, psychological escapes, and so many other conflicts, are part of the universe of this jewel offered to us by the High Spirituality.


  Open Your Heart and Find Happiness

  This book examines thirty challenging questions that often trouble human beings. Joanna de Angelis, through the mediumship of Divaldo Franco, addresses them via uplifting messages. 


  Family Constellation

  The direction society takes is invariably connected to the destiny of the family, given that the latter is the starting point for experiences of universal fraternity. Joanna de Ângelis offers a profound reflection on the mechanism of the spiritual and moral development of human beings. Emphasizing the value of the family through corporeal and spiritual ties whose existence is still one of the most important factors, if not the most significant one, in preventing the disintegration of society.


  The Psychology of Gratitude

  The psychology of gratitude should be exercised at all moments of the corporeal existence as a secure guide. Daughter of psychological maturity, those who cultivate gratitude are enriched with peace and happiness. In these days of violence and cruelty, as well as indifference to the relevant moral and emotional values, gratitude has a significant role in the integral health of human beings.


  Self-Discovery: an Inner Search

  A core book of Spiritist Psychology that is very informative on the role and mechanisms of the psyche. It helps us better understand the subconscious mind in particular, the typical disturbances that cause suffering and their deeply rooted causes as well as therapeutic guidance on how to address them. It synthesizes a number of psychological theories, combining them with Spiritist teachings to give a deep spiritual and psychological perspective on the human mind.


  Therapeutic Visualizations – Inner Journey - CD

  Live in a way that you leave enlightening footprints in your pathway as if they were stars 
pointing out the pathway to happiness.” - Joanna de Ângelis. Deep therapeutic visualizations. Three tracks:
1 – Decision to be happy
2 – Visualization of Liberation
3 – Visualization for Inner Balance


  Therapeutic Visualizations – Health - CD

  Joanna de Ângelis, gives this spiritual tool to find pathways to balance and health. 
"Meditation becomes an effective way to discipline the will. It facilitates patience, which helps you to conquer every day the lower tendencies that disturb you. Meditation is an imperious necessity that imposes itself before any realization. In the meditative state, you calm your emotions and clarify your discernment, which leads to harmonizing feelings."


  Child of God

  "This pocket book is intended for your difficult hours; for those uncertain and helpless moments that all of us meet. You will find the help that you need in its pages. Some themes may already be known by you. Nevertheless we want to bring them back into your mind, so that they may uplift you, and help you to move on towards your spiritual goal."
Joanna de Ângelis


  Happy Life

  Millions of hearts thirsting for love and understanding are seeking guidelines to relieve their anxieties and uncertainties. In this short but grand work, spiritual author Joanna de Ângelis assists them in their search for a happy life by providing 200 messages of encouragement, optimism, and hope. This book will bring new vitality to all whose objective is to attain a happy life.


  Living and Loving

  Inspirational messages to promote health and wellbeing. The author dedicated these pages to the growing number of people who are disappointed with life, and love. Also to all bitter souls, hoping they may help themselves to reconsider pessimistic attitudes, start a new life of love, and to have enough love to be able to live with happiness.


  Recipes for Peace

   "We have gathered in this book some pages, inspired by spiritual teachings that we offer to the reader as recipes for peace for various situations, be it in sickness or in health, when facing conflicts or difficulties…" — Joanna de Ângelis


  Divaldo Franco


  Transform Your Health with Inner Peace

  Peace is all we need! This book is the result of true efforts to create a new climate of awareness on health fostered by inner peace. At the 10th anniversary of the Spiritist Society of Baltimore, Divaldo Franco launched the first Peace and You movement in the United States, which was held in Baltimore, MD, on October 19, 2008. The main theme of the event was "Transform Your Health with Inner Peace" and features a number of guest speakers. Divaldo Franco hosted the event in the presence of the following guest speakers: renowned scientist Gary E. Schwartz, Ph. D., acclaimed writer and broadcaster Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus; New Thought spiritual leader Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Proctor, and General of the Brazilian Air Force and Counselor of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation Jorge Godinho Nery.


  Planetary Transition

  The many orbs in the universe are not all at the same level of moral and intellectual development. Planet Earth is now moving through a transitional phase whereby it will cease to be a world of trials and expiation to become one of regeneration, where good will prevail over evil.

  There are some spirits, however, who do not understand this progressive movement and act against it out of ignorance. As the world and life progress, these spirits, be they incarnate or discarnate beings, become more recalcitrant and defiant to everything that is happening around them. With this behaviour they set themselves apart so much from the mainstream progress that they perceive the new world being built today as a threatening environment for them.

  God, however, is all mercy and understanding. It is a divine decree that all His children shall rise to plenitude. Hence, these recalcitrant spirits will continue their journey towards their improvement in other worlds, where they will find the conditions to integrate themselves in the societies of those planets. As our world gradually becomes one of regeneration, more and more of these ignorant brothers and sisters will leave us to inhabit other orbs in the great mansion of Our Father. They are leaving us through the death of their physical bodies and their future reincarnations on other orbs.


  Guidelines for Safety (Divaldo Franco / Raul Teixeira)


  The two most renowned medium-speakers of the Spiritist movement nowadays answer important questions regarding multiple aspects of mediumship according to Spiritist teachings. They offer safe guidelines for those who would like to understand and practice mediumship in a safe and charitable way.


  Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health (2 CDs/Book)


  The seminar covered a psychiatric analysis of the endogenous and exogenous causes of mental and spiritual disturbances (depression, anxiety, phobias, schizophrenia); a review of its pharmacological treatment, and an analysis of spiritual intervention and other effective psychotherapies. It beautifully describes the Spiritist view of these psychological and spiritual disturbances, and gives us a clear idea of the Spiritist approach to eradicating its causes and effects.




  The spirit Rabindranath Tagore returns after his discarnation with the same lyricism and poetry, as evidenced in the psychographed work Aesthesis: "Immortal, before time and beyond eras, I bow down at the window of eternity so that the magic of Your work unites me ever more with You, intoxicating me with happiness…"

"Worldly riches weigh down on he who possesses it, forcing him lower. The treasure of love lifts him up to fly, free and happy, up the gully of infinity."


  Free Birds


  Rabindranath Tagore’s extraordinary sensibility, through Divaldo Franco’s psychography, rewards us with beautiful poems, a real cascade of light, overflowing with tenderness and love! The noble Spirit-poet says "My songs are living poems of love releasing themselves from the tight prison of emotion from whence they are born and conquering the expanse like birds of happiness." These songs move our souls and fill our hearts with joy, stimulating our sensibilities for the constant practice of goodness.


  Leon Denis


  Here and Hereafter


  This amazing work, first published in 1909, is divided into five parts. The first is a discussion of ancient beliefs and the unifying truths that are found in all of them. The second concentrates on the basic concepts of Spiritism such as the immortality of the soul, the purpose of life, reincarnation, God, and death. The third section explores deeper Spiritist concepts such as fluids and magnetism, spiritual phenomena, nature and science, evolution of the spirit, dangers of Spiritism, and charlatanism. The fourth part discusses related topics to the spiritual world such as errant souls, higher life, inferior spirits, providence, free will, and hell. The last section discusses ethical topics such as moral life, faith, consolation, wealth, poverty, and charity.


  After Death


  After Death is one of the most important books of classic Spiritist literature. In his poetic prose, a style that we find in his other books, Léon Denis presents a scientific and rational solution to the problems of life and death and the nature and destiny of the human ego in its successive lives. This book is a luminous account of the phenomena and teachings of Spiritism, how they relate to modern science and their influence on conduct. 


  Into the Unseen


  For the first time in English, this legendary book tells us all about the spirit world and its manifestations. From Europe to the UK, and all over the US, not forgetting places such as Brazil, and from the distant past of humanity. INTO THE UNSEEN does justice to them all, while revealing Léon Denis's very personal take on Spiritism and New Spiritualism in general. A fascinating narrative backed by a plethora of extraordinary cases thoroughly researched by the author.   


  Yvonne Pereira


  On the Canvas of the Infinite


  This book by Yvonne A. Pereira is divided into two parts. In Part One, the spirit Bezerra de Menezes tells “A Sad Story,” which took place in a poverty-stricken community in Rio de Janeiro in the 19th century, and where Palmira, an incarnate spirit, is righting
past wrongs by means of trials entailing selflessness and patience. In Part Two, Camilo Castelo Branco narrates the touching mediumistic novel “The Castle Treasure,” set in Portugal in 1640, in which he shows that love and kindness are indispensable qualities
for one’s peace of mind while undergoing moral reform. Focusing on the law of Cause and Effect, both narratives demonstrate Spiritist principles, thus comforting and informing those suffering the imposition of harsh trials.


  Memoirs of a Suicide


  Under the guidance of the spirit Leon Denis, the spirit author Camilo Castelo Branco, using the pen name Camilo Candido Botelho, describes to the medium Yvonne A. Pereira, his dreadful experience after having discarnated by committing suicide. The book entails invaluable instruction, demonstrating the greatness of Divine Mercy for repentant individuals who commit suicide and providing them with the opportunity to understand the universe and life in its full. The beginnings of planet Earth, the evolution of human beings, the immortality of the soul, Christian morality, and other relevant themes are presented to help us understand that “… no attempt to grow morally will work if we remain imprisoned in self-ignorance.” There is always hope because rehabilitation is possible.



  Richard Simonetti


  Talking to Spirits in Mediumistic Meetings


  Life has a purpose, whether we are aware of this or not…. For unbearable pain or anguish, we seek solutions, but not everyone is aware that Life does not end with death! We are all immortal beings. The next dimension of life will present us with rewards or consequences, so this book help enlighten minds and bring a solution to the anxiety people feel. Suicide only increases suffering. …”If existence was merely contained within the limits sets by the cradle and the grave, then without a doubt, suicide would be a great solution for the problems and pain on Earth. How, as it happens we are immortal beings. We have already lived before the cradle, and will continue to live after the grave, where we will reap the consequences of what we have made of our lives and our bodies”…



  Mediumship – All You Need to Know


  The author of this book shares his rich and fulfilling lifelong experience with mediumistic phenomena. He expounds wisely on mediumistic faculties such as seeing, healing, channelling and other issues that are inherent to a medium's life on a daily basis. This book provides valuable information on how to master mediumship and not allow it to disrupt normal living as happens in most cases. The knowledge in this book empowers mediums to embrace their calling, use it appropriately, safely and live healthier and more meaningful lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jussara  Korngold


  Eternal Voices

  This book brings together a collection of poems dictated by several Spirits during the mediumship meetings conducted at the Spiritist Group of New York, Inc. Spiritist art is an important genre among Spiritists and those who seek for spiritual enlightenment. More than simply creating a combination of rhymes and clever word-play, they seek to elevate us, even if temporarily, above the mundane and ordinary things of this world, inviting us to introspection and to meditation on the truths poetically presented.


  Practical Guide for Magnetic and Spiritual Healing


  Spiritual healing is not a modern concept; it is as old as humankind. The Spiritist definition of health is characterized by the degree of the spirit’s commitment to natural laws. Jesus taught us to love our neighbours and healing is one of many ways we can accomplish that. This book covers the many critical topics related to healing such as the types of healing or passes, the mechanism of the pass, the chakras, a practical guidance, the magnetic properties of matter, and the healing breath.  


  Those Left Behind: Understanding Suicide from a Spiritist View


  “Those Left Behind: Understanding Suicide from a Spiritist View” is the first book in English to examine suicide from a Spiritist viewpoint. With extensive research, author Jussara Korngold follows the steps of noted Spiritist Allan Kardec to illuminate classic Spiritist attitudes toward suicide. If you have endured the trauma of a loved one taking his or her own life, “Those Left Behind” will console and comfort, helping you find the answers you need to some of your most difficult questions.



  Laura Bergallo


  The Little Spirits’ Book

  Many themes in “The Spirits’ Book” by Allan Kardec are understandable to children and teenagers. However, other themes may seem too complex and out of reach, or even uninteresting to such young minds. In “The Little Spirits’ Book,” specific questions and answers were selected from “The Spirits’ Book” that are more in tune with the interests of children and teenagers. The language was modernized and adapted, making it easier for the young and/or novice public to understand, while staying faithful to everything that Allan Kardec and the spirits meant to transmit.


  The Gospel According to Spiritism for Young Adults & Beginners

  Despite many interpretations of Jesus’ teachings, which vary according to the different religions based on him, the morality taught by the Master of Galilee should not be a reason for dispute. Starting with this premise, Allan Kardec, the originator of Spiritism, with the help of the spirits that accompanied him in his work, analysed the most important and some of the most controversial teachings of Jesus. In this manner The Gospel According to Spiritism, one of the most important works of the Spiritist philosophy was born. Though initially written for the adult audience, after a brilliant adaptation by Laura Bergallo, it is now launched with the purpose of reaching a younger audience.


  Diverse Authors


  Among Brothers of Other Lands (Xavier / Vieira)

  In 1965, the Brazilian mediums Francisco C. Xavier and Waldo Vieira travelled to several countries, including the United States of America, England and France, in a mission to exchange Spiritist knowledge and visit friends. The first part of the book contains mediumistic messages received in the Portuguese language. The second part is composed of messages directly received in the English language. This book explores the following topics: reincarnation, mediumship, obsession, and culture. It opens new perspectives for a greater understanding of our brothers and sisters of all lands.


  Missives of Hope

  This book is a compilation of messages originally published in the Brazilian newspaper "O Diário de São Paulo." They were later collected for publication in a set of four books. Each message is the result of a partnership between two of the greatest names in the Spiritist literature, Francisco de Paula Cândido (Chico) Xavier and Prof. José Herculano Pires. The present work has a significant historic value in that for the first time it brings together these two great contributors of the Spiritist literature.


  Jesus In The Home (Neio Lucio)

  This book contains lessons taught by Jesus during meetings at Simon Peter’s house, where the first Christian home worship was held. It addresses themes such as love for one’s neighbour, the value of service, compassion, education, etc. Easy to understand by all age groups, it emphasizes the need for inner transformation by renewing our thoughts, actions and attitudes, adjusting them to authentic Christian morality. It is recommended that "Jesus in the Home" be used in conjunction with "The Gospel According to Spiritism," "The Spirits’ Book," or any other book chosen by the group.


  Homosexuality from the Perspective of the Immortal Spirit (Andrei Moreira)

  How is homosexuality and sexual diversity viewed according to the principles of reincarnation and the immortality of the soul? How to understand the role and meaning of sexual orientation on the life someone who is gay, their families and communities from an evolutionary perspective? Scientific knowledge and reflections according to Spiritist teachings are brought together in this book, aimed at encouraging the 
development of an inclusive and loving culture of alterity and human advancement.


  The New Generation (Divaldo Franco / Vanessa Anseloni)


  The Spiritist View of Indigo and Crystal Children – Bilingual book (English – Portuguese) that is a multi-disciplinary view on the challenges faced by the new generations. It includes relevant information from Neuroscience, Psychology and Spiritism to help people understand the children of today’s world who will be responsible for the great transition from a world of wars and suffering into one that is more fraternal and peaceful.


  Getting to the Light: Spiritist Therapy for Discarnate Spirits (Nilson de Souza Pereira)


  This small book offers objective guidance on a therapeutic approach to helping troubled discarnate spirits according to Spiritism. It's strongly recommended for anyone interested in (1) understanding the dynamics of spirit intervention; (2) using Spiritist therapy for the 
benefit of humankind; and/ or (3) serving as a Spirit counsellor or psychotherapist.


  A Primer on Being Good (Mei Mei)


  The Spirit Meimei explains in simple language. appropriate for children, two paths in life: the path of good and the path of evil; God has granted us the freedom to choose either one. It depicts the use of hands to: do good, promote happiness, make friends, help people and work so that the world may be a better place.


  Chico Xavier – Medium of the Century (Guy Lyon Playfair)


  The name of Francisco Cândido (“Chico”) Xavier (1910-2002) is already a legend in his native Brazil, yet he remains almost unknown in the English-speaking world. In this book, Guy Lyon Playfair tell the extraordinary story of how a poorly educated man from a very modest background rose to become a national hero. While refusing any payment other than the wages he earned as a government employee. He also discusses Chico’s phenomenal literary output of more than 450 books and the countless messages he received that provide some of the most compelling evidence yet recorded for survival after death.


  Talking to Spirits in Mediumistic Meetings (Therezinha Oliveira)


  The dialogue with spirits is one of the practices we find in the Spiritist Movement, as a result of the knowledge we have of the existence of spirits and the possibility of communicating with them. Such dialogues have been taking place during countless Spiritist mediumship meetings held daily throughout Brazil. This book now offers all the author could draw from existing Spiritist literature on the subject, as well as from our persevering practice of the dialogue with spirits.


  The Blue Island (William Stead)


  British journalist William Stead tells us in detail about life in the spirit world, how it is organised and about his studies there. This is a well-written book received over 8 years after his death on the Titanic. He talks about how he overcame the process of communicating with the physical world and explains the purpose of our lives and what awaits us on our passing.


  The Shadows Lifted from Death


  This book offers an intriguing account of one man’s experience soon after death. Not being a particularly evolved soul, he is bewildered and confused in the early stages, but with the help of guides he gradually adapts to his new environment and begins to progress. The communication from the departed soul was received by means of automatic writing by Augustus Henry (Harry) Burbridge (1891-1963). Apparently, the executors of Burbridge’s estate found the writing among his papers after his death, and family members made copies for friends, but it was not until recently they were re-discovered and published.

  Science and Spirit (Dr Hernani Guimaraes Andrade)


  A Brazilian soldier killed in the 1932 Constitutional Revolution ‘drops in’ unexpectedly on a medium nearly 30 years later, giving his name and numerous personal details, almost all of which turn out to be true. A family is terrorised by bombardments of stones thrown by invisible hands, and be inexplicable outbreaks of fires, some of them witnessed by police. A little girl astonishes her parents by giving detailed information about her dead uncle – again all of it true. It appears that she is, in fact, her uncle reborn. These are 3 of the many cases of ‘paranormal’ phenomena that were meticulously investigated by pioneer Brazilian parapsychologist Hernani Guimaraes Andrade (1913-2003) who was both a scientist and a Spiritist. Here he provides some of the best evidence on record, whether it be on poltergeists, reincarnation or survival after death.   


  Reborn for Love (Dr Hernani Guimaraes Andrade)


  Reborn for Love was written by a Brazilian scientist and researcher in to reincarnation called Dr. Hernani Gauimaraes Andrade. The book examines one of the most extraordinary and demonstrably genuine cases of reincarnation ever studied at Dr. Andrade’s Brazilian Institute of Psychobiophysics Research in So Paulo                                                 


  Changing Lives with Spiritism


   The world is full of aching hearts and unsettled minds and many are in need of hope and long for a meaningful source of comfort and inspiration. Countless people search relentlessly for the answers to their most pressing questions about life. People want to know: Is there a God? Where is justice in this world? Why do we suffer? What is the purpose of this life, and what happens when it comes to an end? How can we find happiness? This book illustrates why the teachings of Spiritism, hold the key to addressing these pressing spiritual concerns. From one chapter to the next, you will uncover the means by which Spiritism can change lives for the better by restoring faith and empowering us to take charge of our destiny.





  Luis Hu


  The Gospel 101


  An easy read to get to know the key concepts of the Gospel. What is the Gospel? What does it teach? How can the Gospel improve my life? What is the relationship between Christ and Spiritism? Can we become angels? What is the importance of Love, Humility and Charity? Who was Jesus?  And who were Krishna, Buddha, Socrates and Confucius?


  Reincarnation 101


  Does reincarnation exist? Who was I in a different life? Why don’t we remember the past? How many times do we reincarnate? Can I reincarnate as an animal? Has reincarnation been proven? Did Jesus say that we reincarnate? What is “karma”? How do we know if we are atoning for things that occurred in a past life? Could I have been a woman or a man in a different life? How do we explain children with disabilities and children who are geniuses? Can we reincarnate on different planets? When do we stop reincarnating?


  Spiritism 101


  Can we remember past lives? Is there life on other planets? Can we see the future in our dreams? How is life after death? Where is God's law written? Which are the powerful prayers? How can we ward off evil spirits? Who was Chico Xavier and Allan Kardec?


  The Spiritual Hen


  This is a book for children about spiritual values and the importance of prayer.

The Spiritual Hen really wanted to have one more chick. Read the details of this

wonderful heartwarming story about the reincarnation of Little Yellow Chick.

What happened between him and Ron the Rooster in their past lives? How was

their meeting in the spiritual world? And now, what will happen with the

Spiritual Hen?



  The New Generation (Divaldo Franco / Vanessa Anseloni)


  The Spiritist View of Indigo and Crystal Children – Bilingual book (English – Portuguese) that is a multi-disciplinary view on the challenges faced by the new generations. It includes relevant information from Neuroscience, Psychology and Spiritism to help people understand the children of today’s world who will be responsible for the great transition from a world of wars and suffering into one that is more fraternal and peaceful.


  Diary of a Drug Addict


  This book tells the story of the Spirit Andre K, who in 1995, was given permission to tell his story, after undergoing years of recovery treatment in the Spirit realm, which included participating in a weekly seance meeting held by a group of incarnate mediums. In this group, through the medium Maria Gorete Newton, he described his tragic death by drug overdose, which took place in 1975, while he was still a teenager living in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a richly descriptive narrative for parents, children and society, offering a glimpse of the afterlife consequences resulting from drug misuse.


  Eternal Bonds of Love (Ricardo Petrillo)


  ETERNAL BONDS OF LOVE is a poignant account of a young man's afterlife experiences after his death at age 20. Ricardo passed after an accidental fall at College on September 18, 2005. He started communicating through written messages to his father on July 2006. In July 2007 he communicated to his parents that they would be writing a book together to be finished and published in one year's time. And so they did! You will find in this unusual book Ricardo's story about his experiences, feelings, emotions and spiritual development in the first two years after his untimely and unexpected passing. in another reality where love, compassion, understanding and spiritual growth dominate.


  Message from a Teen in the Spirit World (Neio Lucio)


  In the afterlife, a teenager named Carlos explains to Dirce (his brother) his impressions on his new life in the spirit realm with his discarnate relatives and new friends. Carlos also affirms the fact that life after death is but the continuation of life in the physical body, and he emphasizes our need to live in accordance with the Christ consciousness teachings.


  Learning How to Pray (Elsa Rossi)


  It is very important that right from infancy, children come into contact with God and know about Jesus. While the government offers a systematic school curriculum with free but obligatory study; for their part parents should offer children a moral education, so they will be prepared fro life. Each little chapter contains a prayer for all the different situations that occur in daily life, stimulating children to learn to pray and to know how easy it is to talk to Jesus and the know that he is close to our hearts. With time the children will learn to talk to Jesus with words from their own hearts. A perfect accompaniment for families who actively do the Gospel at Home studies.


  Spiritual Help through Spiritual Healing  


  Spiritual healing is a fluidic energy transmission give with the assistance of Higher Spirits that is often related to a healing process, whether it be physical or spiritual. But how can a simple gesture of giving healing distribute such deep vibrations to the point of recovering the balance of a spirit? What is necessary for transmitting positive energy to those who have the most need? Can anyone give healing? These and other questions are answered in Spiritual Help through Spiritual Healing, a book for those who are keen to find out about the mechanism and practice of spiritual healing, the benefits and purposes of giving spiritual healing.


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