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  When we speak of spiritual treatment in a Spiritist centre, we primarily mean healing, via the laying on of hands, however without any physical touch. When we are suffering physically, psychologically or emotionally, or when a spiritual problem arises, our vital energy is below its normal level. Healing can help us to recover and be in good spirits again, to recover our spontaneity and our energy.




  These are the main protagonists in the Healing work, because without them there is no mediumship and no transfer of loving energy from the spiritual dimension. In fact, there are other ways that energy can be manipulated and transformed without the participation of spirits, such as magnetism, Reiki etc., in which specialists in these areas use their own energy to heal. From the Spiritist point of view, it is the spirits who direct the work, manipulating and directing the energies involved, using mediums as mere channels of the healing.



  All of us incarnate spirits are still imperfect and indebted due to mistakes made in previous lifetimes and so we return to the physical dimension in order to improve ourselves and overcome our imperfections, that can often manifest in the form of illness, sometimes a serious illness.


  When sitting down to receive healing, the individual can be at ease, knowing that Spiritist Healing involves prayer, concentration and a donation of energy from the medium. The individual receiving needs to play their part, by being open to receive, absorbing the healing energies with faith and trusting the process. Everything else is up to the Good Spirits.



  Healing should generally be carried out in Spiritist centres, which are appropriately prepared for this work. Outside of a Spiritist setting, Healing should only be given exceptionally, and only if the conditions are appropriate.

There are other spiritual and religious groups that also offer Healing, such as the Quakers, various Christian churches amongst others, and as mentioned above, Healing is a much older practice than any of these institutions, as it originated in the ritualistic activities of prehistoric man, and so is not exclusive to, nor indeed invented by Spiritism.



  Not all those who come to a Spiritist centre looking for Healing will be healed of their ailments. In fact, there are illnesses that are karmic in nature and that may need a few incarnations to be eradicated. We can accelerate the repayment of our spiritual debts by doing good and helping others, which will mitigate the impact of our past and help heal our spirit. Ultimately God wants us to learn to live in accordance with Divine Laws and the illness is often there to help teach us something, such as compassion, humility, gratitude and patience.


  Usually people feel some alleviation if they are suffering, helping them deal with their illness or whatever difficult situation they are facing in life.


  Faith is also a key component in achieving healing and strong faith helps us connect to the spiritual energies that can help restore our organic and spiritual balance.

Note however, that there must be a significant change in our habits and behavior in general, so that we do not slide back into making the same old mistakes again. We can often see that those who get a momentary cure for their illness but continue with the same habits, addictions and behavior, can have their illness return and sometimes even more severely than before.



 Often, the true remedy for our ills are the very diseases that assist in purifying and cleansing our spiritual body (the perispirit). We need to learn to face them with patience and acceptance rather than fighting against whatever we passing through. Clearly we also need to take responsibility for our health and reach out for the appropriate medical support available to help ourselves.


 Learning to live a life that is centred on Love, that is kind, selfless, endlessly forgiving and generous in spirit is the pathway to enduring health in mind, body and spirit, as outlined in the Gospel. Healing via the laying on of hands is actually just a complement to the healing process, which in essence is us learning to think and behave in loving ways. Here is an informative video on the Spiritist view on health and healing.



  Healing is a transfusion of energy, which, in its truest sense, goes from person to person, from one individual to another, from one human being to another, with the intervention of Good Spirits. Therefore, one should not give Healing to animals or plants. They have their own way of being treated. Nor should Healing be given to clothing or objects, under any pretext.

It is worth noting here the writings of Allan Kardec that states; "mediumship is something sacred, which should be practiced in a saintly and religious manner, and if there is one type of mediumship which requires this condition even more absolutely than the others, it is that of healing." (Gospel According to Spiritism, Ch. XXVI (10). There is no objection to giving healing to children or to the elderly, except in some very specific cases. Healing should make no distinction between genders, for example a man to only give healing to another man or a woman only to another woman. Note however that during healing we take care not to touch the body of the person receiving healing. 


  Finally, the spiritual treatment does not involve dispensing any medication. If the person receiving healing is undergoing medical treatment, they should only stop if instructed to do so by their doctor.

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