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Gospel at home

  One valuable Spiritist practice that can, and should be done in the home, just like Jesus did when he stayed and taught for a time in the home of Simon Peter, we call the Gospel at Home. It is not a ritual, but rather putting in place a healthy habit, where each week we connect to Jesus and the Good Spirits. The Gospel at Home should not be transformed into a mediumship session where spirits present manifest themselves through mediums attending the meeting.


  It is a family gathering, as if all were in a classroom where the teacher is Jesus; the book being studied is The Gospel According to Spiritism and the students are all the spirits present, both incarnate and discarnate.

  The Gospel at Home cleanses the spiritual atmosphere of the home, harmonises and re-balances the participants, and is a powerful antidote against bad spiritual influences and obsession.

Main purpose of the Gospel at home


  01. To study the Gospel from the perspective of Spiritism, helping us to understand it in "spirit and in truth", so our lives are guided by Christ;


  02. To create a healthy habit of holding meetings to study the gospel in every home, in order to awaken and amplify the innate feeling in every being of a longing to connect to God;


  03. Due to the peace and understanding that doing the Gospel at Home can create, it brings people together, creating a more tranquil experience;


  04. Making the Gospel better understood, felt and living it in the home and in all areas of life;


  05. Cleansing the home environment by having more elevated thoughts and feelings, thus making it easier to feel the influence of the Good Spirits;


  06. Expanding one’s literal and spiritual knowledge of the Gospel, so as to be able to give of it to others, with more confidence;


  07. Facilitating the support necessary to face one’s material and spiritual difficulties, both inside and outside the home, as well as praying and being vigilant;


  08. To raise the vibration of the inhabitants of the home in order to more efficiently help the Spiritual Plane build a better world.

  "For where two or three gather together in My name, there I Am with them." (Matthew 18:20)

How to do the Gospel at home


  Choose a specific day and time during the week when you and whoever else at home that is going to join in, is usually there.  

Strictly observe that day and time for the meeting to guarantee spiritual support and the presence of friendly and good spirits.

  Choose the location in the home where we feel comfortable to hold the meeting

Invite all members of the family living there. If others cannot, or do not wish to attend the meeting, do not worry. We can perform it alone, from the physical point of view, in the certainty that Jesus will be present through his good messengers in the spiritual dimension.


  Beginning the Meeting: A simple spontaneous prayer from the heart where real feelings, more than words, are expressed through the prayer.

  Read The Gospel According to Spiritism:  Read the book from the very beginning through to the end. So starting with the Preface, followed by the Introduction and so on and so forth. Read a short excerpt weekly (the following week, continue from the exact point where you stopped).

  Commentaries:  Make brief comments on the passage read, always looking for the essence of Jesus' teachings, bringing them into the present day and looking to apply them in daily life. All present can participate in this part, sharing what they understood from the passage read.

  Vibrations: After reading the Gospel aloud and all comments have been made, then move on to give vibrations. This is in effect flowing love energy out to those who are being prayed for and giving a part of ourselves to those in need. For example send out love:


  • For universal brotherhood and peace and balance for all mankind;

  • For the governments of all nations and those working in the drafting of laws;

  • For spirits who have reincarnated with specific tasks, that they may succeed;

  • For those who are working for the greater good;

  • For the teachings of the Gospel to be put into practice in all homes on Earth;

  • For our home, visualizing peace, harmony, health and lots of light;

  • Ask Jesus to bless our family, all those present, our relatives and friends, helping us to become more understanding and cooperative and to grow the love in our hearts;

  • Spend a few seconds in silence, mentally talking to Jesus. Asking him for whatever we most wish for that we wish to stay secret.


  Closure: Once again, a simple and spontaneous prayer, giving thanks for what we have received.


  A different person can be chosen for each part of the meeting. So one can do the opening prayer, another the reading, someone else can do the vibrations and somebody else the closing prayer, if that many people are present.

  The average length of the meeting should be 20 to 30 minutes at most. Always be punctual and finish within the time, so that we have the support of the Good Spirits throughout the whole meeting.


 Some Suggestions


  After reading "The Gospel According to Spiritism", you can read from books by suitable authors that complement the teachings of the Gospel, particularly the books of the spirit Emmanuel, such as 'Our Daily Bread', ‘Living Spring’, etc. However do not replace 'The Gospel' with these other books.


  Healing Water: It is recommended to put a glass (or a jug) of water in the room being used so that the spirits can “energise” it during the meeting. Medication from the spiritual dimension is water-soluble, i.e. dissolves into the water and the water can be added to or volumised and then drank throughout the week. If there is someone sick in the family, you can put a glass aside for them.


  Do not stop the weekly meeting of the Gospel at Home just because someone is visiting; instead, why not invite them to attend the meeting. If they do not wish to join, ask them to wait until the meeting is finished. If someone calls during the meeting, also ask them to wait until you can return their call. Only suspend the meeting if you have a prolonged trip, advising the Good Spirits at the meeting just before the trip.


  Avoid controversy, as well as less edifying conversations during the meetings, striving to maintain a warm, friendly and balanced atmosphere at all times. Also avoid derogatory comments about others or other spiritual paths or religions.


  Always remember that the meeting is a serious study and reflection on the Gospel, helping us to develop our self spiritually, so strive to maintain elevated thoughts and goodwill toward all.


  Children: If there are children in the family, encourage them to attend the meeting without ever forcing them. Allow them to make comments and ask questions, and to say prayers in their own way. If possible it would be good to have children’s storybooks  to hand, ideally Spiritist or spiritual, awakening in them an interest in the teachings of Jesus.


  Important: Remember that as the Gospel is studied in the home, it is carried out in order to harmonize the atmosphere of the home, and not just the people who take part in it. People who live elsewhere and who attend a meeting in someone else's home, should be aware that once they understand how it is done, they should carry it out in their own home as well, to attain similar benefits.

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